Messner Mountain Museum

Six places - six exhibitions - six experiences

Reinhold Messner: My 15th 8000m high mountain is the sum of all my experiences

I have dedicated to the mountains and the mountain culture a unique project, a network of museums located in six extraordinary places in South Tyrol. The Messner Mountain Museum is a place of encounter with the mountains, with mountain people and ultimately with ourselves. Every visit is like a mountain tour, especially recommended when the weather is good, and an MMM round trip is a unique experience!


MMM Corones on Kronplatz between the Puster and Gader Valleys is devoted to the supreme discipline of mountaineering: the Trad Adventure Alpinism on which Reinhold Messner has left his mark.



As the centerpiece of the Messner Mountain Museum, MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen addresses the subject of man’s encounter with the mountains



The museum has a focus on “rock” and illustrates the process of the conquest of the Dolomites in a spacious gallery housing a collection of unique paintings of the Dolomites.



The museum in Juval Castle is dedicated to the Magic of the Mountain and houses several fine art collections: a Tibetica collection, a collection of masks from five continents and more.



Bruneck Castle in the Puster Valley houses a fifth museum devoted to the subject of mountain peoples. The exhibits are everyday artifacts selected to illustrate life in the main mountain cultures.



The museum in Sulden near Ortler, an underground structure at 1.900 m above sea-level, is devoted to the world of ice. It houses the world's biggest collection of paintings of the Ortler