MMM Tour (valid until 31/12/2024)


The six locations that make up the Messner Mountain Museum are interconnected. The paths and roads that link them are part of the overall experience. Except for the annual opening ceremonies in the individual museums, all the main events take place in the central facility.

From MMM Firmian in Bozen, the journey takes you to Vinschgau in the west of South Tyrol: MMM Juval lies above the gorge of Schnals Valley and MMM Ortles beneath the Ortler in Sulden. Both locations are accessible by train, car, bus or bike. The museums stand in fine walking country, with some particularly attractive itineraries in Sulden and to Martell via Madritschjoch.
Bozen is also a good base for a day-trip to the Dolomites and Monte Rite (MMM Dolomites). The starting point here is the Dolomite Pass between Cibiana di Cadore and Zoldo. That can be reached on several routes through the Dolomites as well as via the Puster Valley and Cortina d'Ampezzo. The Dolomites are also accessible from the south on the Alemagna Motorway. In the Puster Valley, in the east of South Tyrol, Bruneck Castle (MMM Ripa) is located in the centre of the town of Bruneck, while MMM Corones on Kronplatz is accessible by cable car and on foot from Reischach and from Olang and Ruis.

Round Tour

Come to the Messner Mountain museums and discover the unique landscape of South Tyrol in the process!Reinhold Messner

Whether you are traveling in your car or on a coach with a group, whether you prefer walking or cycling, the individual museums make a perfect goal for the individual stages of a journey of discovery – and after four to six days, you will be familiar not only with the complete Messner Mountain Museum offering but also with the culinary specialities of every valley and the varied countryside of South Tyrol: from the Ortler massif, the highest elevation in the Tyrol to the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site.