MMM Firmian

Bernhard Edmaier – Photographer and Geologist

For more than 30 years, he has been on the road in search of particularly impressive evidence of the constant change in the many different landscapes on earth. Because, according to Edmaier, nothing is eternal on the surface of our planet, but an everlasting interplay between emergence and decay.
His targets are mainly located where bare rock comes to light and is exposed to weathering by sun, wind, water and the constant change of temperature – in deserts and on coasts, also in volcanic regions and above all in the mountains.
His preferred “photo objects” usually require a greater shooting distance, which is why Bernhard Edmaier has specialised in aerial photography.

Carsten Westphal – Desert and Mountain Painter and Archaeologist

The mystical magic of pristine natural landscapes is the source of inspiration for Westphal's art. The structures of the deserts, the rough rock formations of the mountains, the jagged ice of the glaciers and the silvery black lava of the volcanoes magically attract the artist. Yet his subject is not the realistic depiction of nature, but the experience of elemental forces and their translation into an abstract pictorial language. Westphal immerses himself in the rhythm of nature, exposes himself to heat, cold, sun and wind and thus feels the energy of the elements while painting. He uses materials collected on site such as desert sand, rock crumbled by the wind, mud, salt, ice or lava.